The Anchor Ceramics pet bowl range, produced in collaboration with Hub Furniture, comes in four sizes; small, medium, large and extra-large to accommodate all pet sizes. Three glazes have been carefully developed and tested in the studio for the range. A neutral colour palette in greys and charcoal was developed to harmonise across a diversity of interior settings. 

Each stoneware pet bowl is hand thrown and turned on potter's wheel, glazed and twice fired. The range is distinct as the design considers both the sensorial needs of the animal and the pet owner. The design appreciates and respects animals and places high value on the human-animal connection. The resulting pet bowls area pleasure to touch and are high quality, functional and robust enough for daily use.


All sizes - Mid Grey Glaze Finish

Medium and Large - Light Grey and Charcoal Glaze Finish

Medium - Mid Grey, Light Grey and Charcoal Glaze Finish

Medium - Light Grey Glaze Finish

Medium - Mid Grey Glaze Finish

Medium - Charcoal Glaze Finish

Underside detail