Funnel planters are available in small, medium and large sizes with two format options - low or tall, within each of the sizes. Rather than being made to an exact dimension, the planters are thrown by hand using a specific weight of clay for each size. The form is judged by eye rather than using specific measurements. This produces subtle size shifts within each size bracket making each planter a truly unique object which gives clusters of planters visual texture and interest.

The Funnel planter is available in five glaze options and terracotta. Each glaze has a natural compatibility with the broad colour spectrum of the plant world and with the palette of the other
objects created by the studio.


Charcoal Glaze

Various Sizes and Glazes

Various Sizes in Terracotta

Various Sizes - Olive Green Glaze

Tall - Charcoal Glaze

Short and Tall Format - Olive Green Glaze